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Creating change is necessary for organizational growth for its processes and for its people. Therefore, it is critical that the behavioral aspects of change are considered early on in the planning phase to minimize complexities that can affect implementation outcomes. With thoughtful planning and facilitation, it is feasible to effectively manage people’s expectations and experiences toward successful integration. As subject matter experts in organizational behavior, OED will partner with internal change agents to ensure that the process elements of organizational readiness are identified, defined, and aligned with the desired change objectives.

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“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.”

Shigeo Shingo

Everything we do is a process and no process is perfect. Every process has waste. Committing to process improvement efforts to identify bottlenecks and streamline workflows creates efficiencies that result in increased engagement, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and the better utilization of resources. OED collaborates with campus partners to recognize organizational waste, remove inefficient actions, and develop a mindset of continuous improvement to achieve the right goals in the right way.

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Gathering data to drive decisions is an effective best practice. At UCLA Administration, it is a strategic priority. Data collected appropriately and accurately can provide critical insight on important areas of the organization for example, operational productivity or performance, work environment conditions, training effectiveness, and its financial state.

OED supports campus partners in designing the best approach to collect and analyze data in alignment with the desired objectives. The team is prepared to assist departments in improving customer experience, creating a high performing work environment, developing results-based action plans, and guiding continual process improvements.

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Setting priorities to create focus and strengthen operations is essential for organizational effectiveness. OED is responsible for facilitating the development of UCLA Administration’s Strategic Plan. The team works closely with the Administration Leadership Team and their associated departments in aligning operational initiatives with the strategic priorities and ensuring that year-end accomplishments are tracked and completed. 

A strategic priority for Administration is growing their talent. OED has successfully implemented leadership programs to develop internal leaders. To enrich the leader pipeline, OED developed the award-winning Leadership 20XX Program, an 18-month talent initiative program aligning mid-level leadership development with future organizational strategy and direction.